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2018 St. Patrick's Day LD Race Juniors Cheeseburgers in Paradise
  Sail for Steve I Sail for Steve II MC Regionals
  Windycup FW Series 7 & 8  
2017 High Water & Damage Spring Centerboards Juniors
  Work Party Summer Keelboats Sail for Steve
  Winter Series 7 & 8 New Sea Ark Arrival  
2016 Keelboat Icebreaker Work Party Crawfish Boil
  Cheeseburger in Paradise CB Summer 3 & 4 Labor Day Long Distance Race
Labor Day (2) Sail for Steve (1) Labor Day Brunch
  MC Regional & Steak Jam sail for Steve (2) Fall Keelboat 3 & 4
  Fall Keel Boat 7 & 8    
2015 Spring KB 1 & 2 Visitors Chili Cook-off
Work Party Spring KB 5 Club Damage May 16th High Water Collection
Cheeseburger in Paradise Summer CB 1 & 2 Wednesday Night #10 Junior Camp
Fall Centerboard 3 & 4 Sail for Steve Regatta MC  South West Regionals Tulsa Catfight
Winter Series 1 & 2 Christmas Party December Snow & High Water  


2014 Awards Party Visitors Chili Cook-off
Work Party Memorial Day Spring KB 7 & 8 Cheeseburger in Paradise
July Storm Movie Summer 5 & 6 Labor Day Brunch Sail for Steve Regatta
Fall CB 3 & 4 Tulsa Cat Fight Regatta Baggett Reeception Fall KB 7 & 8
Windycup Ken Brooks Turkey Fry CR 914 Nationals Breakwater Problem
Breakwater Repair Christmas Party

2013 Awards Party            Chili Cook-off
 WSC Invitational Wednesday Night #2   Junior Regatta
Sail for Steve Regatta I Work Party July 4th LDR July Beach Party
Sail for Steve Regatta II August Beach Party MC SW Regionals Windycup 2013 
Winter Racing 3 & 4 Turkey Fry Holiday Party  

2012 KB Spring 1 & 2 Work Party Close MS Regatta
CB 7 & 8 WSC Junior Regatta CSSA  Junior Regatta
  MS Launch Party June Beach Party Turkey Fry
    Holiday Party  

2011 Awards Party New Kids on The Dock Post Blizzard
  Fourth of July Junior Sailing Beach Party
  Oktoberfest Windycup Close MS Regatta
  Labor Day Winter 3 & 4 Turkey Fry
  Holiday Party MS Launch Party  

2010 4th of July Summer Pictures Close MS Regatta
  Windy Cup    

2009 Close MS Regatta MC Nationals Juniors Optie Regatta
    Close MS Regatta  


2007   Awards Party  High Water Oktoberfest
  Club Shots    

2006 CBHC 1 & 2 Advanced Skills Camp Junior Sailing Camp
  Labor Day LDR MS Launch Party MS Regatta
  Breezy Bowl Wednesday Race #4  Fall Racing 1 & 2

2005 Chili Cook-off CBHC Spring 1 & 2 40th Memorial Day
  Independence Day Wednesday Racing Junior Sailing Camp
  CSSA Jr. Regatta KBHC Fall 3 & 4  

2004 IHBG Regatta Work Party Fish & Ships
  Wednesday Races MS Regatta Sailing Camp
  Oktoberfest Holiday Party Club Shots

2003 Awards Party Work Party St. Patrick's Day
  Independence Day MC Racing Sailing Camp
  Beach Party Holiday Party CSSA Women's 420 Regatta

2002 Awards Party Winter Storm  

2001 The Big Freeze Dick Tillman Seminar Sailing Camp
  WOW Summer Racing  

2000 Spring Racing Beach Party Low Water
  Oktoberfest WOW  

1998 WOW & SOB's Summer Racing  
1997 Dave Dolcater Collection WOW Building B-Dock
  Independence Day Race CSSA Womens Regatta